Dolpo Mustang

Ba-Yul, the hidden land of Dolpo, was first settled by Rokpa farmers and Drokpa nomads from Tibet in the 10th century. It is one of the highest inhabited places on earth, with scattered fortress-like villages and monasteries nestling amongst mountains of stark, ascetic beauty. Though part of Nepal today, Dolpo remains culturally and economically firmly tied to Tibet, the people of this desolate area are cut of from their southern neighbors by snow-covered passes for much of the year. This is fascinating and difficult country to travel in.

Most of Dolpo is protected by Shey Phoksumdo National Park. It is bounded in the east and south by Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal ranges and in the west by the Jumla district. Dolpo has been bypassed by development and until recently by tourism. Although a few Anthropologists and geographers had explored the region, the entire district was closed  to foreigners until 1989, when southern parts of Dolpo was opened to organized trekking groups.

Peter Matthiessen's the Snow Leopard and David Snellgrove's Himalayan Pilgrimage had contributed to the mystique and attraction of Dolpo. Both writers visited the Shey Gompa, to the north of the Phoksumdo Lake, in inner Dolpo. Eric Vialli’s film Caravan had a great impact on many people and this trekking will make you live again the fantastic and mystical ambiance of that epic. This is the goal of most trekkers but this Dolpo trek will take you even further into this mysterious land.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive Kathmandu

Day 2 Fy to Nepalgunj

Day 3 Fly to Juphal, hike to Dunai

Day 4-25 Trek up to upper Dolpo and to Jomsom

Day 26 Fly to Kathmandu

Day 27 Kathmandu

Day 28 Depart Kathmandu

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