An Incredible Land Of Mystique, Culture Heritage And Beauty

The Tibet Autonomous Region has long been known as “The Roof of the World”. From the overpowering image of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, to remote monasteries on high mountain peaks, Tibet is one of the most enchanting lands on earth. Magnificent images of yaks across inspiring scenery and encounters with nomadic shepherds are just some of the experiences in this region. A hidden world, a land of mystery, and one of the greatest civilizations in history, Tibet’s isolation for hundreds of years has given it a unique flavour which has intrigued visitors from mountaineers to royalty.

Tibet offers the visitor a unique combination of pristine mountain scenery and ancient medieval culture. It is a land whose deep belief in Buddhism have permeated every aspect of society – giving these hardy mountain people a calm, surreal dignity which masks their daily hardships. Reopened to tourism in 1980, much of Tibet’s cultural treasures were destroyed during the ‘Cultural Revolution’. But the peoples’ resilience has given way to the rebuilding of their many monasteries and monuments.

Tibet is an incredible land of mystique, cultural heritage and beauty. Forbidden not only by man, but also by nature, it has fascinated mankind for centuries.


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